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Fitness Doctor is a professional project management, installation, service and repair company. We specialize in the conception, design, initiation, planning, execution, and installation of new buildout and existing renovations for athletic performance facilities. In addition they maintain, service, and repair all major brands of performance training equipment. We are distinctive in that unlike most project management / installation companies they are specific to the performance/ health club training industry only. We are unique in that they do not sell equipment and we work with all major vendors to fit your projects individual needs.

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Fitness Doctor’s team has a wide variety of experience from all sides of the commercial fitness / Strength & Conditioning sectors. Our team members include: Previous ownership of multiple successful commercial fitness & private sports performance facilities. We have experience first hand as owners of our own facilities. Our team includes internationally recognized coaches who have worked with athletes that have medaled in multiple olympic games, set world records and competed in collegiate and professional organizations across a wide variety of sports. We have used and abused all of the equipment from the side of a coach / personal trainer. Our team members include past management level employees at some of the largest commercial fitness facilities recognized internationally so we understand the side of club facility management. Our team members include former competitive athletes so we understand the side of the athletes using the equipment. Our team members include former territory managers for nationally recognized equipment vendors so we understand the side of the equipment manufactures.


Our installation team members are certified mechanics with experience in the automotive and motorcycle/small engine industry before transitioning full time on the fitness / strength equipment side. All of our technicians are of the highest quality with strong attention to detail and mechanical experience. Our technicians are full time W2 employees with benefits. We do not use general laborers or temp hire employees like many other in the industry.

Resources & Equipment

Fitness Doctor owns its own Trucks, Trailers, Forklifts, Pallet jacks, SkidSteers, Dolleys, Tools and keeps all of our equipment modern, clean & up to date in our inventory. We bring our own equipment onsite so you never have to wait for a rental or worry about anything for your installation. Our equipment is highly specific to the fitness & strength industry. We have our own warehouses and can reroute and hold shipments in our warehouse until the delivery date.


Our team is experienced in working with high level professional teams, top secret security clearance in the military and in protecting global iconic brands privacy. We are experienced in working with professionals athletes & celebrities while protecting their secrecy.



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